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In Play Therapy, children are offered a range of equipment and materials with which to play such as a dolls house, sand tray, small figures, dressing up props, art materials. Play therapy is a child centred approach to therapy. The therapist follows the child listening watching and responding to them in an accepting way as they try to understand their behaviours and worlds. The therapeutic relationship is key in enabling children to benefit from playing and working alongside a trusted adult. Play offers a powerful way to connect with children. Although difficult emotions and thoughts come up in play therapy, they can be expressed and thought about with the therapist in a safe way in the play room. As play is central to the therapy, it is particularly suitable for children who would otherwise struggle to understand and express themselves through words alone. It offers a valid way of ‘hearing the voices’ or children whose age or abilities may act as barriers to them being heard.

Play therapy can build resilience in the child and encourage and support the child and those who care for them through the process of making positive changes.


I work closely with the family and school where necessary and contribute to reviews and planning where necessary.


My base is at 15 Stronsay House,Hindhead and also at Matthews House in Guildford. I will work in an alternative environment such as a school or clinic, where a self contained room can be made consistently available and free from interruption. Ideally the room should contain a sink with running water.


If you would like to discuss the possibility of play therapy then please give me a call on 07876/353917 or use the contact form.


Photo gallery: the play room.


You can reach me at Play Therapy Central on:

07876 353917


You can also use our contact form.

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I am being supported by Lloyds Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland at the SSE Start Up programme to develop Play Therapy Central as a social enterprise and centre of excellence for Play Therapy in Guildford & Hindhead

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