For parents/carers

Play Therapy is helpful for a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties including: trauma, loss and bereavement, coping with physical illness, separation and divorce, attachment issues, learning difficulties including Asperger's and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Play Therapy offers a creative and child led approach that uses play as the central means of communication and expression.

Play Therapy includes sand play, sensory play, art, movement, projective play and role play. 

You will see that I also offer Filial Therapy that involves the parent/carer in therapeutic play sessions with their child.

For children

In Play Therapy you can choose from a range of toys and activities and your Play Therapist willtry to get to know you and understand your feelings as you play together.

Play Therapists are trained to help children when they have worries, or are feeling sad or angry. Sometimes they see children when something horrible has happened, or they feel unwell, or are not enjoying school and are not sure why. If you are angry, or sad, or confused, you can explore these thoughts and feelings with a Play Therapist.



For young people and adults

Art materials, sand trays and other elements of play therapy can be blended with more traditional talking therapy to good effect with young people and adults. This approach is particularly helpful when simply talking about anxieties and traumatic events feels too difficult.

For professionals

Children who display emotional difficulties can be referred from health, social care, education or the voluntary sector. Children are usually seen for multiples of blocks of six weekly sessions with pre and post parent/carer consultations.

Play Therapy Central is a social enterprise based in Guildford & Hindhead

 I specialise in providing non-directive child centred play therapy to children aged between 3 and 12 years of age.

 I offer play therapy to children who would not normally have access to it and take referrals from health, social services, education and the voluntary sector. I also take private referrals.




Contact me on 07876 353917 for an initial discussion


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